Hello, my name is Kiwi! I grew up in a military/law enforcement household with too many siblings to count. I finished my apprenticeship and tattooed in San Diego, California and you can see it in my work. I do a lot of Sailor Jerry style traditional tattoos. I also really enjoy doing any kind of lettering. With that being said I’m not only confined to traditional and lettering I can do most everything seeing how we are a walk-in shop. I’m very confident that you will be satisfied with your tattoo and experience here at the shop. We all maintain a respectful, sanitary, and safe environment. I am here at Freakshow every day except Tuesday and Wednesday. The best way to reach me is by calling the shop direct... Things to consider before our consultation are what you want, where you want it, how big, color or black and grey, and budget. We are an hourly shop (150 an hour), we ask for a budget so we can give you the best tattoo in the amount of money you are trying to spend. I am very understanding of what you want. With that being said I am going to tell you why certain things won’t work when drawings are translated into a tattoo. We will sit down and figure out the best game plan for your tattoo and come to a conclusion we are both happy with. Come by and see me! I look forward to putting ink in your skin!